The main intention of the Pre-Sale is to bring talent into the project and have 200+ Pre-Sale members who will act as founders and help to push the project forward.

Pre-Sale current stage: Stage 4 (18x cheaper pricing than ICO).
Pre-sale is available in packets (packet size is 900 000 coins) $500.
900 million coins to be distributed between 100+ members.
Minimum contribution per person $500.
Maximum contribution per person $5000.
Entry of $5000= 9 million coins (ICO $5000 = 500000 coins).
Entry of $500= 900 000 coins (ICO $500 = 50000 coins).

4 Stages:
Stage 1 (SOLD OUT): $0.000055555555555556 per coin compared to $0.01 ICO price (180 times cheaper than ICO).
Blockchain not live yet

Stage 2 (SOLD OUT): $0.0001111111 per coin compared to $0.01 ICO price (90 times cheaper than ICO).
Collaboration of pre-sale members begins through Slack or Trello. Tasks become agreed on.
Blockchain becomes live. Desktop client becomes live.

Stage 3 (SOLD OUT): $0.0002222222 per coin compared to $0.01 ICO price (45 times cheaper than ICO).

Stage 4: $0.00055555555555556 per coin compared to $0.01 ICO price (18 times cheaper than ICO).

What funds will be used on:
Security of blockchain.
Server costs/ Hosting costs/ Scaling to mass usage costs.
Call in development costs.
Multilingual expansion and management.
Rewards program improvement.
Setting up community support & branches.
And more tasks needed to get the project closer to ICO stage.

Once we reach 1 million users we will begin ICO:
Price of coins will be $0.01 at ICO maximum contribution $5000 at ICO.
At ICO what will be have:
1 million members
Time tested blockchain with millions of successful transactions processed.
A growth rate higher than most top 10 cryptocurrencies.
A true fair payment ecosystem giving the power back to the people.
A method to get Bitcoin Black to every school yard/ university/ workplace and community.

Why get involved:
To play a part in the future of Bitcoin Black.
Have more coins than possible to buy during ICO.
If you believe in the project and wish for it to succeed long term.
Part of the ICO funds will go directly to approximately 3 Pre-sale members who will act as one of many foundations long term depending on the team they put together and methods they wish to use to contribute to the network.
You can wish to remain anonymous or if you like you can be added to the website in the founding team section with a brief bio about yourself and your strengths.
By being the fairest distributed coin other projects will fork and will replicate the coins you have to other projects.

How to get Pre-Sale coins:
Rewards members are approved to participate in the pre-sale.
Purchase coins at the following link:

If not a rewards member send an email to [email protected] with a brief background on yourself & what you can contribute to Bitcoin Black.
Once you are approved you can purchase (approval is usually granted within 24 hours).
Pre-sale is available in packets (packet size is 900 000 coins) $500.
Maximum packets per person 10 ($5000)
Payment method accepted is Bitcoin.
What is needed at checkout:
Email address is important as coins will be distributed based on email address used in checkout.

Help in some way to push the project forward.
Belief in the project and not just involved to make a quick return on contribution.
Not be seeking to sell all coins after ICO and be in it for a quick profit and not sell at a market order.
Together the Pre-Sale team will discuss and agree on tasks needed to be execute through Slack.
Examples: video script writing, video producer, community manager for your local community or country, mathematician, developer, translator, SEO, exchange listings, event appearances, social functions, educational seminars, ICO submission.