What is Bitcoin Black?

A fee free, instant cryptocurrency driven by the community.
Focussed on a fair distribution Airdropped to 1 Million users.

Is Bitcoin Black a coin or a token?


What is the total/maximum supply of Bitcoin Black?


Will the total supply of Bitcoin Black be distributed and put into circulation at once through sales and campaigns?

Distribution will be done gradually. The main part is reserved for app introduction rewards and merchant adoption.

Is Bitcoin Black mineable?


What are the advantages of a non-mineable coin over a mineable coin?

Less energy consumption and over time more decentralized.

Who are the people behind Bitcoin Black?

Bitcoin Black is run by community members.

Bitcoin Black is built on Block Lattice, what is block lattice and what makes it better than blockchain?

Fee free transactions, instant transaction, scalable.

What is quantum resistance?

A threat that will effect most current blockchains eventually is quantum comuters, if not already existant.
Although most projects wish to deal with it when it becomes a definate threat. Its important to be implemented from early on.
Projects which have had Coin Burns.
Abandoned accounts.
Lost seeds.
Users who don’t react fast to the transition.
Bitcoin will be effected by this as the first quantum computer owner has the ability to scoup up a large % of the supply even if users act quickly to the transition.

Will Bitcoin Black apply quantum resistance?


Will Bitcoin Black fork in the near future?

Because of Bitcoin Blacks distribution it is very likely there will be forks so new projects can take advantage of the established fair distribution model and create their own spin off the Bitcoin Black project.

Won’t bitcoin black be affected by the SEC regulations at any moment?

Bitcoin Black is a decentralized project with no central control.

When will the 3600 coin airdrop end?

Once 1 million users are airdropped.

Do I get my airdrop coins instantly after registration?

A notification will be sent out once the airdrop is live and you will need to claim the 3600 coins at that time.

How many coins do I get for every person I refer?

During airdrop introductions there are no rewards per introduction, the rewards are for the top 110 members who refer the most users to the airdrop. After the airdrop and IEO conclude ‘App introduction rewards’ begins which will grant 400 coins commissions for each referral.

I’m participating in the rewards program; how do I know my current position in the top 110?

Currently only position 100 and 110 are shown. At around 300,000 members each position count will be shown.

Should we expect another rewards campaign after getting listed on exchanges?

App introductions will be the largest rewards campaign which will commence after being listed.
With App introduction rewards a per referral commission will be granted in real time.
Tier 2 rewards will also be paid, encouraging all members to refer merchants of all kinds.
Getting a small merchant involved in Bitcoin Black or your local store can have significant rewards for you.

If I’m amongst the top 110 leaders, is there any chance to sell my coins at the IEO price without dumping it on the exchanges?

Top affiliates who wish to sell their coins will be connected with high net worth individuals who wish to buy a large amount of coins providing value to both sides.

Can the 100 beta coins be transferred to the Live Network?

No, betanet coins cannot be transferred to the live network.

The airdrop claim form is password protected, when will it be removed?

Once the airdrop becomes live password protection will be removed.

Do I need to pass KYC before receiving my free coins?

No, Bitcoin Black is a community based project with a free coin airdrop.

Should we expect another pre-sale round after stage 5?

Pre-sale has been extended to stage 6.

I already filled the airdrop claim form but I lost my seed, can I create a new address and update it via support?

The airdrop claim will resume once again. When entering your wallet address in the airdrop form it’s important to remember your seed as it won’t be possible to update your wallet address once coins are distributed.

I downloaded the beta wallet on my computer but it keeps syncing for hours, why?

Please uninstall the current version of your wallet and install the latest version
Beta net:https://bitcoin.black/betanet-wallets/
Live net: https://bitcoin.black/wallets/

When will you launch the mobile wallet applications?

Q1 2020.

When are you launching the MainNet/ LiveNetwork to the public?

Live network is available to the public:

Any specific month for the launching of IEO; and on which exchanges?

Binance is the target for IEO. No specific launch date.

Is it true that Bitcoin Black will be listed as a major pair against other cryptocurrencies on all exchanges just like BTC, ETH, USDT?

Due to the fee free and instant nature of Bitcoin Black its the perfect major pair for exchanges.
Bitcoin Black will target the larger exchanges to become a main trading pair.

Do you have social media platforms that I can run to for quick responses?

I have great plans that can contribute to the growth of bitcoin black, how do I contact you?

Great! You can also be rewarded in coins for them. Contact [email protected] and request a bounty for your efforts.

Do you have other future project plans for bitcoin black that are not mentioned in the whitepaper?

Yes, The whitepaper does not include all plans and will continue to be updated.