90-99.9% of all the Bitcoin is owned by 1% of all the users.
90-99.9% of all the money in the world is owned by 1% of the users.

Bitcoin is an improvement to the monetary system only in efficiency. The main issue of the previous fiat currencies is more abundant in Bitcoin which is the concentration of the elites wealth making all other users slaves for the system.
Fair distribution and manipulation proof are the most important elements needed.

The tech side of current projects is good enough for now.
Bitcoin & Altcoin distribution is extremely flawed.
Its most likely the previous fiat 1% elite own 90%+ of Bitcoin & Altcoins as their price are dependent on Bitcoin, also note the volatility as a way they increase their holdings through manipulation.
Blockchain/ Crypto is at a point where enough Tech improvements have been done and its time to focus on distribution and expose manipulation.
The vehicle has become better but the actual issue still remains and potentially gets worse as a finite supply exists now.

Distribution will be done on a mass scale base from the beginning, this limits manipulation by the elite and no member of any currency should hold more than 1% of the entire circulating supply at any one point (manipulation counteraction fund will eliminate the possibility of early bag holders manipulation and contribute to true decentralization which is yet to be seen.
Initial Foundation 2.5% 900 Million (To be depleted to 0)
Development fund 2.5% 900 Million (To be depleted to 0)
Pre-sale 2.5%
900 Million coins (100+ investing members who will be an addition to the founding team helping to move the project forward. Collaborating though slack)
Bounties 2.5% 900 million coins for bounties decided by pre-sale members and the Bitcoin Black community. Such as: translations of website, whitepaper, rewards dashboard and APPS.
Airdrop 10% 3.6 Billion coins to be airdropped (1 million accounts 3600 coins per account)
Rewards bounty 20% 7.2 Billion coins divided between Airdrop rewards (110 members). ICO rewards (110 members).
ICO 20% 7.2 Billion coins Funds from ICO to be allocated to multiple community foundations who will help the community move the project further into the future. Allocated to specialist departments.
Manipulation counteraction fund (approx 5%). Part used for stability control fund to remove the possibility of early low volume manipulation, and maintain stability in the currency.
App introduction rewards 40% 14.4 Billion. Introduction of 30 million members with the rate of new users growing compounded. A method to get Bitcoin Black to every school yard/ university/ workplace and community.

By creating a fair mass scale distribution, manipulation proof will lead to a stable currency which will eventually be a currency which will be truly usable and intended to:
Pay wages. Pay rent. Pay for food.
Eventually cutting fiat out of the loop.
Transitioning to the new monetary system which has less flaws than current crypto-currencies and the fiat money system.

Understanding the importance of making the currency usable and being used on a worldwide marketplace which will follow with the ability to trade coins for physical silver shipped worldwide. (online marketplace to buy/sell/trade locally).

Rewards Bounties.
Highest referring 110 members (by introduction) to the airdrop become a founding member and take a share of 10% of ecosystem.
Highest referring 110 members (by introduction) to the ICO become a founding member and take a share of 10% of ecosystem.

1% of the Bitcoin community own more than 90% of all the bitcoin.
With 1% of the community owning 90+% of all the bitcoin manipulation is certain.
As everything is based on Bitcoins price as it is the main trading pair, most other crypto currencies have the same issue as bitcoin.
A fair distribution is what Crypto is lacking.
And this is what we aim to solve & contribute to solving.
Our aim is for fair distribution to take place so there no monopoly of the money like the current fiat systems of the world.

Not another ERC20 token, Bitcoin Black will be a stand alone coin based on block lattice. User friendly wallets in every format possible. Cell phone number login alias for random number letter string to be more inviting. Transfer descriptions.

Important things needed:
Distribution needs to be done over time.
Coins need to be held for some time initial community members shouldn’t be able to dump as their intention should be community growth, not fiat related short term gain.
Community needs to reach 1M prior to opening exchange.
Many crypto currencies slowly become less distributed through manipulation and become controlled the proof can be seen with how the fiat systems evolve and get concentrated to a small percentage of the participants in the fiat community.
Creating founders who drive the project forward need to own less than 5% of total supply so things stay fair.

All fiat is owned and used as a tool of control.
Crypto is the perfect vehicle to solve this issue.
However it is of belief a small amount of money from the top of the previous doomed fiat system has flowed into crypto and manipulated all.
In May 2017 market cap was approx 36 billion.
December 21st 2017 market cap was approx 628 billion while the masses were encouraged to enter crypto for the promise of being rich.
The rise in 7 months was unnatural and the small hand which was responsible in driving the price up.
January 9th it hit over 800 billion only to crash down to 260 billion on march 31st, during this period, elite accumulated more through trading.
At these volumes it isn’t speculators money, it is a systematized method to drive the masses away from crypto currency and for the elite to acquire a larger percentage of the market for another round of accumulation giving they a bigger playing hand. Even if it is a loss to them to gain more of a market percentage they are playing with trillions of dollars and have more to lose than finances.
Only 0.003 % of the world (250,000) are estimated to own at least 1 bitcoin.

Distribute widely initially. With no member of the community to own more than 0.5% of the total supply.
Have a spend and replace system, making it difficult for manipulation to enter.
A free community based cryptocurrency.


  • Initial foundation 2.5%
  • Development fund 2.5%
  • Pre Sale 2.5%
  • Bounties 2.5%
  • Airdrop 10%
  • Rewards 20%
  • ICO 20%
  • App introduction referrals 40%

Any suggestions or interested in contributing to the development or becoming a part of the team email [email protected]